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When do I need to purchase medical expense coverage?

We all appreciate the time and effort of our volunteers.  They are one of the most important assets our organizations have. With that in mind, we would hate to think that in the event of a covered accident, our volunteers may be responsible for paying for their own medical expenses.  But it does happen.

At Enpica, we encourage you to look into accident Medical Expense Coverage.  This low cost solution can make a world of difference for your volunteer staff.

Here are the benefits that Accident Medical Expense coverage provides:

  • Hospital bills, including room and board
  • Emergency room and outpatient treatment
  • Medical or surgical treatment by a licensed doctor
  • Prescription drugs and medicines
  • Services of a licensed or graduate nurse
  • Dental care for injury to sound and natural teeth
  • Ambulance expenses from the covered accident site to the hospital.

Get a quote today and find the value in Accident Medical Expense Coverage.

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